SAAS Applications & Custom Software

At undoLogic we create applications for your many diverse business requirements. All our products are turn-key solutions, so we can get you up-and-running quickly and efficiently.
You can easily automate your business processes, and ensure that managing them stays well-organized. Our applications are not complicated to use and update, and will help your staff to stay on top of all transactions.

Our services

Our services offer you an impressive combination of functionality and convenience. We are always available to assist you with your business requirements.


undoLogic creates custom software for online and offline solutions in line with niche requirements. Whether you require a cloud system or a micro computer solution we can adapt technology to your requirements.


Launching a product requires segmented steps to achieve success. We help develop your prototype to ensure you narrow down the requirements before you start developing. Whether it be a microcomputer system or a online software our rapid develop process will enable you to discover requirements which can be sourced and imported for production.


Help companies find the information and the correct software solutions they need to grow their business.

Our vision

undoLogic is about unlimited access and freedom of choice in developing an online presence. We offer our customers the possibility to choose from a range of services: expediency and facility, or comprehensive and adapted to a distinct and unique personal style.

At undoLogic we are enthusiastic about efficiency and creativity. Our interactive models let the customer participate in creating an online solution that is personalized and specific.

At undoLogic we offer up-to-date and cost-effective services, as well as those that are customized. We will work with you to suggest the best online solution adapted to your specific requirements and budget.



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Vendor Grid is a convenient and user-friendly online application for automating selling procedures. 

Nova Mobile Systems

undoLogic is proud to launch a new website using it's APP suite. Our powerful tools enable a smooth work flow to manage this website. 

Nova Mobile Systems is Connected Vehicles, Sma...

Nova Assure

undoLogic creates a custom platform for Nova Mobility to handle GPS tracking. The platform was designed and developed from the ground up to handle the entire process of receiving GPS d...


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